Activating a global virtual credit card

For any global virtual Visa, there are a few key things to keep in mind when using the card:

  • Your  name and phone number are needed to verify your identity but that's all the information needed, which you should be prompted to enter on the first step with your country code automatically detected:


  • Your local currency is displayed alongside USD, but you can use the card in your local currency with any online merchants in the world. The company the issues the cards is based in the US but they are meant to be used globally.

  • The billing address is in the United States which can require extra attention using in international online merchants, as the labels for postal code or region may not match exactly.


Email for any billing address questions or if this card is rejected for any reason. Before you do that, please ensure you're not running into the most common issues, which you can read about here in detail and are summarized below:

  • Make sure the amount you are trying to charge online is 1-2% less than your available balance to cover fees - if your card is £ 50 GBP the highest amount you can probably buy online is £ 49 GBP, because most merchants add fees of their own during checkout. Sorry about that! Totally out of our control but this doesn't really come up with traditional credit cards, only virtual.
  • Billing address does not match - check very carefully that the billing address listed on the card matches whats is shown. It can be tricky to match a US billing address with international merchants billing address fields, so this might require trying different options for region or postal code, for example.

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