Common issues using a virtual credit card with online retailers

Virtual Visa and MasterCards are generally valid for use online or over the phone worldwide wherever Visa or MasterCard Debit is accepted, but are only intended for use online or over the phone (like for a catalog order or to make a one time payment on a bill via phone). Prepaid cards should be used just like a regular debit or card card, but can only be charged for an amount equal to or less than the amount available on the card at the time of purchase.

The main three issues to watch out for when redeeming a Virtual MasterCard or Virtual Visa card are:

  1. The total amount of your purchase does not exceed the balance of your card
  2. You've entered the exact same billing address for the virtual card at any online retailer as you've entered when you activated your virtual card
  3. PayPal, GooglePay, pre-paid cards/gift cards, or any service for transferring funds are prohibited by any virtual card.

Note: there are some vendors who simply do not accept virtual visa cards as payment. You can access your virtual card summary through the redemption link you received by email, then go to Transaction to see more information regarding any declines you may be getting.

You can also contact the retailer directly to ask about the issue. 

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