What is a US Virtual Visa Card?

A US Virtual Visa Card is a 16-digit visa card number that is provided immediately upon redemption. These Virtual cards are intended for use online in the US only, and are generally accepted wherever Visa Debit is accepted. We explain two things here:


How a Virtual Visa card works

Note: You have 4 months to redeem your visa card, and 7 months to use the cards after that. Once you can view your card it is active and ready to use online like a regular credit card. 


US Virtual Visa cards are also not compatible with PayPal or any similar service intended to transfer funds from one account to another. 


Activating a U.S. Virtual Visa

The first time you click on the link for your virtual visa, you'll see a screen asking for your name and address. The reason for this is that you'll need a desired billing address and name to enter in any website where you'd like to use this virtual card, just like a normal credit card.


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