Step 2b: List of Charities

Depending on if you're choosing to donate your entire reward to charity (thank you!) or donate a portion of your reward to charity (also thank you!), you'll see charities listed in slightly different ways in Ethnio Rewards. In both views, you can always click the small grey "i" icon to learn more about a charity: mceclip0.png Please note this list can change .

Global Coronavirus Relief Fund (Global Giving)
  International Rescue Comittee (Global)
  CDP COVID-19 Response Fund (Global)
  World Health Organization (Global)
  WWF (Global)
  Amnesty International (Global)
  Save the Children (Global)
Untied States Equal Justice Initiative (US)
  No Kid Hungry (US)
  Doctors Without Borders (US)
  Vitamin Angels (US)
  One Fair Wage Service Worker Emergency Fund (US)
  Tree People (US)
  Thorn: Digital Defenders of Children (US)
United Kingdom CAF Coronavirus Fund (UK)!/DonationDetails
  Alzheimer's Society (UK)
  Diabetes UK (UK)
  Shelter (UK)
  Children in Need (UK)
  Cancer Research UK (UK)
Germany Heart Foundation (Germany)
  Doctors without borders (Germany)
  Red Cross (Germany)
  Association for the Protection of Children (Germany)
France Fondation de France (France)
  Red Cross (France)
  Restaurants du Cœur (France)
  SPA (France)
  Cancer du Sein (France)
Brazil Instituto de Conservação de Animais Silvestres (Brazil)
  Instituto Luisa Mell (Brazil)
  Instituto Muda Brasil (Brazil)
Australia McGrath Foundation (Australia)
  Save the Children (Australia)
  Mission (Australia)
Japan Shine on Kids (Japan)
  Habitat for Humanity (Japan)
  Run for the Cure (Japan)
Africa CAMFED (Africa)

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